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5 star review  Angie is always available to answer your insurance needs either by phone or in person. She always greets you with a friendly and enthusiastic voice to help. She is kind and very knowledgeable I enjoy working with her for my insurance needs.

thumb denise h
November 22, 2021

5 star review  I contacted 417 Insurance and Investments and Angela Moore worked with my wife and I to sign up for Medicare. With the help of Angela, my wife's Part B application went through the Social Security with no problems. For some reason Social Security had a problem processing my Part B application. Angela worked with me every step of the way until Social Security approved my Part B application. I would recommend Angela Moore at 417 Insurance and Investments for help in navigating the complex and sometimes confusing Social Security Medicare application process!

thumb Michael Hammond
February 22, 2022

5 star review  I met with Jeremy Tyler about six years ago when he took the time to answer my endless questions regarding the ever-confusing details of my health insurance. That day, and for years to come, he's saved me all the worry, confusion, and frustration choosing the right plan can bring. I was so grateful for the help I wrote a review at the time, but in light of their upcoming location change, I feel inspired to offer an update.

Given their service is of absolutely no cost to their clients, I'm that much more appreciative of their genuine concern and expertise. About three years ago Angela called and said she was going through the files and upon checking mine, realized I could do better with my RX coverage. She then enrolled me in a new plan with a well-known, highly rated company, which covered all my prescriptions – and saved me about $30 a month. That’s $360 a year. I'm retired and with the advent of “subscriptions”, my yearly expenses have increased. This saving alone covers my yearly fees for Amazon, Microsoft, my Sam's membership - and more. I don’t know what he’s paying her, but it’s not enough!

They are partners in the truest sense of the word, each one working as hard as they can for the benefit of their clients. Every time I call with questions, Angela is happy and eager to help. As everyone knows, it's a rare treat these days just to get a "live" person on the phone, let alone someone who truly cares.

From day one this company has provided me with up-to-the-minute meaningful information, extraordinary service, and plans that put my hard earned money back in my own pocket. And all that at no cost to me. 🙂

I remain truly appreciative and sincerely hope the two of them, together with all those they'll serve from their new location, will prosper and thrive.

With Gratitude,
Cynthia Wilson

thumb Cynthia Wilson
February 22, 2022

5 star review  Angie was extremely helpful and professional, with a personal touch. I highly recommend them.

thumb Karen Bulger
December 22, 2021

5 star review  Jennifer was very nice and very informative about everything. They listen and help go over everything to figure out what’s best option to fit what your looking for. Highly recommend them.

thumb Terry Bridgeman
April 8, 2022

5 star review  We have been so pleased with the help we have received from Angela and Jeremy. They are always quick to answer any questions, help with paperwork, and guide us through the craziness of trying to find appropriate health/pharmacy care. We would be totally lost without their guidance. Plus, they really care about their clients.

thumb Dianna Baker
November 22, 2021

5 star review  Angela is very knowledgeable on all Medicare Health Insurance and Prescription Insurance options. She will set you up with the best and most cost efficient plans for you. She automatically reviews your plans every year to ensure your plans are still the best for you. She is also always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

thumb Felicia Tudor
December 22, 2021

5 star review  When I was 64 and about to retire, I started looking for help with navigating social security and how to choose a supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. My husband has heard Jeremy Tyler on KTTR FM and suggested that I get in touch with Wise Medicare. Jeremy is "homegrown" and I liked the idea of working with someone from the area. Jeremy and Jennifer, the office manager in Rolla, sat down with me and explained how the plans work. I never felt like they were steering me toward any of my options but were there to answer my questions and give me the information I needed to decide which would work best for ME! I'm retired now and collecting Social Security. Jennifer has stayed in touch with me to make sure I'm doing well and Gail, the receptionist, even called me on my 65th birthday! I feel like Wise Medicare will be there for me in the years to come. Thanks for the support, Jeremy and Jennifer!

thumb Bootsy Hambone
April 8, 2022

5 star review  Angela has been most helpful. She responds in a timely fashion via phone, email and text. She is available at the company office, too.
We completed the enrollments, because she knows the system so well.

thumb Walt Nelson
February 22, 2022