Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Tyler

Jeremy Tyler

Owner and President
After graduating college at Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State) Jeremy began working in the insurance industry in 2001 for Mutual of Omaha. In 2008 he decided to open his own company and work towards becoming the premier agency for Medicare insurance. Jeremy oversees the staff and operations at Wise Medicare and is steadfast in making sure that his father’s values are upheld (treat everyone fairly and do what you say you are going to do). He and wife Erin have three girls. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys taking the family places that he was not able to go as a child, working outdoors and going to the gym.
  • Phone:417-755-7050
  • Email:jeremy@wisemedicare.com
Angie Moore

Angela Moore

Director of Medicare
Angela has been with the company since the beginning and plans to stay until retirement. She has been a licensed agent for more than 5 years and handles many aspects of the business including client relations. Angela is dedicated to making the entire Medicare process easier for seniors. With her parents as clients she has learned firsthand how confusing and overwhelming it can be as a Medicare recipient. She has one son and spends her free time reading, outside with her kitties or with her family.
  • Phone:417-755-7050
  • Email:angie@wisemedicare.com

Jennifer Lewis

Rolla Branch Manager
Jennifer joined the Wise Medicare team in 2021 as branch manager and licensed agent, supporting the company’s expansion to provide in-person services to the residents of Phelps county and neighboring areas. With more than 15 years’ experience in public service, Jennifer has a passion for helping members of the community and believes strongly in the value of relationships. She is married with seven children and enjoys exploring the outdoors with her kids (floating rivers, fishing, hiking).
  • Phone:573-364-5446
  • Email:jennifer@wisemedicare.com

There are a lot of Medicare options to compare, and our experience can make the process simple for you. When shopping for a Medicare plan, you can choose to have an agent (agency) represent you and incur no extra fee. The insurance companies pay the agents a commission and this is built into the price of the plans, whether you have agent (agency) representation or not. Some clients choose to “go it alone” while others will call us, having done no prior homework at all. As a matter of fact, about half of all Medicare beneficiaries do it on their own, probably because they’re afraid of getting a “sales pitch” instead of true advice. At Wise Medicare, you will not receive a sales pitch. We stick to a “treat-people-like-you-would-want-to-be-treated” philosophy, and we will show you all the available plans on the market and help you narrow them down to ones that are worth your consideration.

Jeremy Tyler
Jeremy Tyler